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Tissue paper

Product details

Themain features of the product:

I.Low basis weight: The basis weight of this product is 150g / m2 to 180g / m2.At the same time, the paper has a high tensile strength, which meets the needsof paper gypsum board production, saving paper consumption for the productionof gypsum board. Flat, is the first choice of paper for the production ofhigh-grade gypsum board.

Second,high air permeability: The product has high air permeability, which meets theneeds of high-speed gypsum board production lines, and provides a materialbasis for gypsum board production lines to increase vehicle speed, which isbeneficial to gypsum board manufacturers to increase output and benefits.

Third,good penetration of hot water: It is beneficial to control dehydration duringthe production of gypsum board, improve the flatness of gypsum board, andreduce the generation of low-grade boards and waste boards.

Fourth,the appearance quality is good. In the production of face paper pulp, equipmentsuch as thermal dispersion, deinking and bleaching, and reverse sand removalare added to improve the appearance quality of gypsum board products.

V.Interlayer bonding and high surface strength. During the production of facialpaper, chemical additives such as interlayer spray starch are added to increasethe bonding and surface strength of the protective paper, thereby reducing thegeneration of waste boards.


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