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Discussion on the selection of gypsum board equipment

Issuing time:2020-01-02 16:46

With the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, dry operation, excellent fire-proof performance and novel decoration effect, gypsum board occupies more and more market share in building materials, and has higher and higher requirements for quality, so it has more and more strict requirements for the production of gypsum board equipment. So how to choose gypsum board equipment to adapt to the market?

Please identify the following points:

1: The appearance of the product should be well formed; 2. The installed capacity should be small; 3. The output of the product should be high; 4. The rate of product waste should be low; 5. The degree of automation should be high; 6. The power consumption and energy consumption should be low; 7. The cost of test run should be small; 8. The maintenance cost should be small; 9. The operation of the equipment should be simple; 10. The reputation of the manufacturer should be good. The important thing is to look at the case, how many meters per minute is the speed of the car. Only the manufacturers who have done large-scale equipment can have real strength.

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