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Nachuan Gypsum Technology (Linyi) Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of Shandong and the west coast of the Yellow Sea, the intersection of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, the national key development area of Donglonghai and the national plate industry belt.
The company is a full-service enterprise of gypsum board and gypsum powder projects, as well as equipment production and installation, technical support services, equipment technology upgrades, and raw and auxiliary materials supply. Committed to creating a high-end technical enterprise from the installation and commissioning of gypsum board equipment to the production contracting, as well as a one-stop 5S service company for gypsum board. The company administers: equipment department, installation department, board line research and development department, pink line research and development department, ceiling research and development department, technology research and development application department, raw and auxiliary materials research and development department and other departments. There are more than 110 employees, including more than 30 R & D departments, more than 20 technical staff, and more than 60 production staff!

The company mainly provides:

1. Gypsum board equipment: mixer, molding station, servo cutting machine, foaming station, packaging machine, saw mill, scale equipment, additive equipment, etc.

2. Raw and auxiliary materials used for gypsum board: facial paper, gypsum board starch, gypsum board water reducing agent, initial setting agent, retarder, adhesive, anti-deformation enhancer, glass fiber, silicone oil, etc.

3. Technical support: production debugging, technical upgrade, equipment improvement, production staff training, production contracting, etc.

4. Inspection laboratory: laboratory equipment, training of laboratory personnel, analysis of laboratory principles, etc.

Our team is proficient in the production and construction of natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum and phosphor gypsum at home and abroad, and constantly innovates and applies new equipment and production process formulas to gypsum production. Provides powerful conditions for customers to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase vehicle speed. Based on the tenet of one-stop service of integrity and trustworthiness and continuous innovation, the company provides a full range of services for global gypsum board companies!

Company purpose: One-stop service for plasterboard, the operator of the starting point and the ending point


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Address: Wenhua Road South Industrial Park, Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province

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