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Raw material
Facial paper, gypsum board starch, gypsum board water reducer, initial coagulant, retarder, adhesive, anti deformation reinforcing agent, glass fiber, silicone oil, etc
Stand-alone equipment
Mixer, molding station, servo cutting machine, foaming station, packaging machine, saw edge grinder, scale line equipment, additive equipment, etc
Whole machine equipment
Master the production and construction experience of natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum and phosphogypsum at home and abroad
Nachuan gypsum Technology (Linyi) Co., Ltd

Nachuan Gypsum Technology (Linyi) Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of Shandong and the west coast of the Yellow Sea, the intersection of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, the national key development area of Donglonghai and the national plate industry belt.

More than 110 employees
More than 30 people in R & D department
More than 60 production personnel
Gypsum board is mainly used in the decoration of ceiling in China. In terms of the proportion of product application, th...
With the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, dry operation, excellent fire-proof performance and n...

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